Knee High & Thigh High Compression Hosiery

Four pair covered 100% by Texas Medicaid and some commercial insurances for pregnancy related edema.

Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

We provide insurance-covered breast pumps recommended by local certified lactation consultants,


why we carry breast pumps

There are several reasons why we carry the breast pump brands you see in our selection. However, one of the biggest reasons is because all the breast pumps we supply are closed systems. This means that no milk or moisture can be backed up in the tubing system of the breast pump which can turn into mold as you see in this picture. There are many popular brands available on the internet which have open systems, or filtered system pumps, which can still create mold in the tubing. We ask that moms consider this as the primary thing to look for when researching breast pumps. There are many people allergic to mold and this can be a health hazard to the moms and babies. We at Matriarch Women’s Health Supply take pride in supplying safe and effective  breast pumps for our moms.

Free Insurance Covered Breast Pumps, Compression Hosiery, Blood Pressure Monitors, and Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulators from one of the few medical suppliers in Texas dedicated to women’s health!!

A healthy and robust life starts with the link between mother and child. At Matriarch Women’s Health Supply, we provide insurance-covered breast pumps recommended by local certified lactation consultants from brands such as Unimom, Ardo, Ameda, and Spectra. All of our breast pumps are closed systems, World Health Organization compliant, and recommended to us by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Along with breast pumps, our women’s health supply company offers a wonderful selection of insurance covered pregnancy related compression hosiery from brands such as Corespun, Therafirm, and Preggers. Four pair of compression socks are covered at 100% through Texas Medicaid for pregnancy related edema, ankle/foot swelling, restless leg syndrome, prevention of varicose veins, and prevention of spider veins. We also provide insurance covered blood pressure monitors for moms with hypertension and preeclampsia along with transcutaneous electronical nerve simulation (TENS) units for chronic back pain or sciatica during and after pregnancy. You may also want to check out our online store at for retail products such as masks, maternity belts, and belly bands.

Your Commercial or Texas Medicaid Insurance Plan Now Covers Breast Pumps

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are now required to cover breast pumps as they are essential equipment for breastfeeding mothers. Most insurance plans do not require a deductible for a breast pump. When you work with us, you are eligible to receive a free closed system breast pump which is WHO code compliant and recommended by local certified lactation consultants.

Your Texas Medicaid Insurance Plan Now May Cover Compression Stockings, Blood Pressure Monitors, and TENS units at 100%

Texas Medicaid will cover 4 pair of compression stockings at 100% during pregnancy as long as you have pregnancy related edema/ankle swelling. Compression stockings are considered a preventative medical device as they are used to help prevent the chances of you getting varicose veins which have to be surgically removed. Another preventive device Texas Medicaid covers at 100% is blood pressure monitors for moms suffering through hypertension and preeclampsia.  Finally, Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units are covered at 100% through Texas Medicaid for moms suffering with chronic back pain and sciatica along with up to 15 electrodes a month. TENS units can be used during a natural birth labor as an alternative to pain medication if supervised by a trained Doula or midwife. We require an approved patient to pick up the TENS unit so we can show them how to properly use the device. TENS units can not be used anywhere near the uterus,  below the knee/elbows, or the neck and face while pregnant or in labor.

Texas-Based & Proud

We are proud to serve mothers throughout Texas, providing the best quality breast pumps and maternity compression hosiery available.

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A Medical Supply Company for Women

While most medical suppliers specialize in a wide variety of medical equipment, we specialize only in women’s health.

We are one of the few local suppliers who provide the top brands of insurance-covered breast pumps which are WHO code compliant and recommended by local certified lactation consultants. Because of slashed reimbursement rates and low profits margins, many medical suppliers do not carry breast pumps. The suppliers who do supply them carry cheap generic brands which can be very unsafe for the mom and baby. Many of the pumps they supply are open systems which can cause mold in the breast pump tubing. We don't care about margins, we care about getting the highest quality brand of breast pumps that moms deserve in as many of their hands as we can. All of our brands are closed-system pumps, so you will never have to worry about the milk backing up in the tubes and damaging the motor. We are also dedicated to getting your breast pump to you within days of your due date.

You will never have to jump through hoops to get in touch with us. We are just a phone call away, and you will have the pleasure of speaking to a real, live, customer-service person – not a robot. Please do not settle for a generic breast pump from a supplier who will leave you waiting. Those are the types of suppliers many insurance companies will refer you to if you call your insurance company for your pump. We do not want you, or your baby, you experience the medical detriment you would face by not having your pump on time.


Choose from our selection of 100% Insured breast pumps and submit your information through our online form. We will check your eligibility and contact you within 72 hours.

About Us

We at Matriarch Woman’s Health Supply are very proud to be one of the very few suppliers dedicated solely to women’s health and serving moms all over the great state of Texas. Our founder has been in the women’s health industry for the last ten years. He was previously a pharmaceutical salesman promoting prenatal vitamins. He developed a passion for women’s health after being fascinated by how strong women are through all stages of their pregnancy. He also has a passion towards preventative care and alternative medicines as he recognizes breast milk to be the first natural vaccine you can possibly give a baby.