Texas Medicaid-Compliant Ameda Breast Pump

Use a proven option during your breastfeeding journey when you choose a Texas Medicaid-compliant Ameda breast pump. At Matriarch Woman's Health Supply, we proudly offer the top solutions for women throughout the state. Our breast pump through Medicaid allows every woman to take advantage of hospital technology from the comfort of home. Turn to us today to learn more about our breast pumps covered by Medicaid for your personal use.

The Ameda® Finesse™ Breast Pump TX MC

Ameda LogoAmedaFor more than 75 years, Ameda has been a leading name in the breast pump industry. Trusted for its quality and performance, this brand is the original inventor of technology that is still being used in hospital breast pumps today.

The newest model, the Ameda Finesse personal pump, features grade A technology in a small package. Because it can operate on batteries, it is a convenient option for moms at work or at home. This model is ideal for those looking for a fast and easy pumping experience. Finesse is designed to mimic Ameda’s trusted hospital waveform technology. There is no need to clean or replace tubing, and the system can be adapted for single or double pumping.

Our hospital-grade electric breast pump is backed by a 2-year warranty. Your purchase of this quiet and discreet model includes the following:

  • Finesse Breast Pump
  • Minnie Tote
  • Dual HygieniKit® Milk Collection System with (2) 25.0mm CustomFit™ Flanges
  • (4) Valves
  • Ac Power Adapter
  • (2) Diaphragms
  • Manual Pump Adapter
  • Instructions for Use
  • (2) Bottle Holders


Ameda Finesse Upgrade

Upgrade your Ameda Finesse with a package that includes:
a shoulder bag, pumping handle, valves, membranes, breast shields, bottles, ice packs, and tote bag.
Upgrades are allowed by certain commercial insurance companies.

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