Texas Medicaid-Compliant Ardo Breast Pump

Discover your breastfeeding options when you turn to us at Matriarch Woman’s Health Supply. Our store offers top products from proven names in the industry. When you choose our Texas Medicaid-compliant Ardo breast pump, you will have access to the latest technology on the market. Speak with us for more on our breast pump through Medicaid options.

Ardo is known around the globe in 50 countries worldwide. Since entering the US market five years ago, Ardo has offered top-notch, friendly customer service and Board Certified Lactation Consultants on staff.

The Swiss made quality and efficiency of the Ardo Calypso breast pump  separates Ardo from the other breast pump manufactures.

Noise Testing has shown that Ardo is the quietest breast pump. See the full video to find out more.

Ardo also has a rich history in the breast pump industry.  Ardo Medical’s CEO was the co-founder and of both other Swiss breast pump companies in the US.

ARDO logoFor these reasons, the Ardo Calypso breast pump is the highest recommended pump by Matriarch WHS!!

Calypso Essentials Deluxe TX MC with Matriarch WHS Bag

Matriarch WHS BagARDO PackageThe Calypso Essentials pump features a unique setup with 64 total settings. Independent vacuum and cycle adjustment combines with the vacuum seal technology to create a closed system. With this closed system, you will never deal with milk in the tubes or pump.

Your Calypso pump includes AA battery function, making this model a convenient option for mothers on the go. Ardo’s 400-hour warranty ensures that every woman can depend on their pump to last for up to a year. The pump is WHO Code compliant.

While products are available at the same quality and with the same warranty as the retail line, they contain fewer accessories. This Swiss-made pump includes the following:

  • Calypso Breast Pump
  • 2 Pumpsets with Breast Shell 26mm
  • Bottle Stand
  • 4 Spare Lip Valves
  • Amaryll Kombikit
  • Flexible Membrane Pot
  • Power Adapter

6 Additional Flange Sizes & Additional Accessories Available for Purchase Separately and Batteries Not Included

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Matriarch WHS Bag

Ardo Calypso Upgrade

Upgrade to the Ardo Calypso To Go Pure with a package that includes: Calypso breast pump, 2 pump sets with multiple breast shells (26 mm and 31 mm), 2 breast shell inserts (28 mm), 2 Optiflow 26 mm, brush for cleaning, bottle holder, battery compartment, power adapter, 2 lip valves (spare part), high-quality carrying bag complete with 4 milk bottles, cooler bag and cooling elements, and Amaryll hand-pump operating lever. Upgrades are available under certain commercial insurance plans.

How to Assemble Ardo Pumpset
How to Use Ardo Pumpset
How to Disassemble & Clean Ardo Pumpset

To get your 100% Insured Ardo Calypso Pump Order Now. We will check your eligibility and contact you within 72 hours.