How Dads Can Help in the Breastfeeding Process – Pt. 2

happy couple holding babyIn our last post, we gave some great advice for dads who want to help their partner as much as possible during the breastfeeding process. Here are three more  tips that new dads can use:

Bonding with Your Child – Many dads worry that they are not getting the same bonding experience with their child as their partner during these early stages of your baby’s life. But don’t worry! You can bond with your child by engaging in plenty of skin-on-skin contact when they are not being fed. You can also bring the baby to your partner when it is time to feed, which is very helpful for her and gets you some needed bonding time.

Be as Helpful as Possible – Your partner is likely overwhelmed with this new situation. Be as helpful as possible by helping with or taking over housework, cooking, and taking care of your other kids if you have them. You can also help by assisting with the breastfeeding itself. When it is time to feed, bring all of the equipment she needs, like her nursing pillow, to her. Help her get the baby into a comfortable position and let her know that you are there if she needs anything. A relaxed mother can breastfeed more easily.

Be Thoughtful – Give your partner plenty of affection and attention during this time, and let her know that she is loved. Additionally, be aware that she needs time to heal and may not be ready for intimacy yet.

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