Motif Luna Breast Pump

Busy moms can now choose a rechargeable battery-powered version of the Luna. With a battery life of 2+ hours between charges, this version is the perfect portable pump!

Built for modern motherhood. Covered by insurance. 5 out of 6 moms are getting More Milk in Less Time® with the Luna and 9 out of 10 preferred the Luna to their current pump. Sophisticated, quiet, and compact, the Luna Double Electric Breast Pump fits a modern aesthetic. Sleek on the outside and high-powered on the inside, the Luna works well under pressure and is simple to use, with a soft motor and a night light that won’t wake baby. Multiple Massage and Expression modes provide full control and maximum comfort.


  • Battery-powered
  • Rechargeable battery with a battery life of 2+ hours between charges.
  • Battery charge time of 2.5 hours
  • Quickly adjust vacuum level and cycles to fit your comfort level
  • Single or double pumping option
  • Simple setup and easy customization
  • Turns off automatically after 30 minutes of use
  • Backlit LCD screen that won’t strain eyes
  • Built-in LED night light with 3 different settings
  • Closed System. Backflow prevention keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination
  • Quiet 43 dB motor that won’t wake baby
  • Just 2 lbs. Built compact for easy mobility
  • Easy-to-read milk collection containers make measuring simple

We offer high-quality breast pumps in Texas. To get your 100% insured Luna Pump, Order Now. We will check your eligibility and contact you within 72 hours.