How to Prevent Breast Pain while Using Breast Pumps in Texas

When you are using a breast pump, it should not be painful. Unfortunately, breast pumping, like breastfeeding, does not always come naturally to mothers. Here is a guide to help you properly use breast pumps in Texas so that you can avoid breast pain and injury.

Regular Cleaning – Before you pump, make sure you wash your hands and your breasts. You should also make sure that you always put your pump away clean to avoid bacteria and fungus that can cause infection and other unpleasant side-effects like cracked nipples and thrush.

Make Sure it Fits – The flange, also called the breast shield, is the part that fits over your breast when you pump. This is not a one-size fits all product, so make sure that you use the correct size. Many pumps will come with multiple sizes. A flange that is too small will cause friction on your nipple, and a flange that is too large will not be effective. You should be comfortable throughout the pumping process.

Position the Shield – Once you have selected the correct size, you should also be careful when placing your breasts inside the shield or flange. Your nipple should be perfectly centered so that it does not rub on the side of the flange.

Not So Fast – Just because some breast pumps in Texas come with high speed and suction settings does not mean you have to use them. In fact, it can be dangerous to pump too fast. You should keep the suction at a lower speed so that the milk flows comfortably. The best way to gauge if you have your pump on the right setting is to compare it to the way your baby feels when you feed them directly. A pump set on high will have way more suction than a child, even if your baby has a strong suck.

Keep It Short – You should only pump each breast for about ten minutes at a time, and only extend to fifteen minutes if you are still getting milk after passing the ten-minute mark. If you pump longer than this you can get sore breasts, so it is recommended that you keep your breast-pumping session short.

Avoid Bulb-Style Pumps – When you are looking to purchase breast pumps in Texas, avoid bicycle-horn or bulb-shaped pumps. These pumps are hand-operated and use rubber bulbs to provide suction. It is difficult to control these pumps, which puts you at higher risk of damaging your breasts. We recommend an electric model for consistent pumping, and small, portable versions are available if you need to pump on the go.

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