Spectra S2 Breast Pump in Texas

Here is a proven product you can choose, once you submit your information to Matriarch Woman’s Health Supply. With unique features and a comfortable structure, the Spectra Breast Pump in Texas offers easy use for any woman. Turn to our supply company today to discover the right breast pump covered by insurance for your situation.

The S2 Spectra Breast Pump

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Chosen by professionals and moms everywhere, the Spectra S2 electric pump makes it easy and comfortable for every breastfeeding mom. Weighing just 2.5 pounds, the S2 pump is gentle, discreet, and convenient for any woman. Available with a 2-year motor warranty and 90-day accessory warranty, this quiet breast pump is a top option that includes the following components:

24mm & 28mm Breast Flanges (2), Wide Neck Bottles, Discs, Locking Rings and Caps (2), Duckbill valves (2), Backflow protectors (2), Tubing (2), Power Cord & Adapter.

While this Spectra breast pump is not Medicaid-compliant, it is covered by commercial insurance. Speak with us to discover more about this convenient pump option.

Spectra 2 is covered 100% by commercial insurance

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Spectra S1

Upgrade to a Spectra S 1 with a rechargeable battery. Upgrades are avalible under certain commercial insurance plans.

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