Texas Hospitals and Clinics

Our selection of insurance covered breast pumps, compression socks, blood pressure monitors, TENS units, maternity belts, and post partum garment’s can be prescribed to us by simply using our secured HIPPA compliant online portal. This portal allows hospitals and clinics to digitally send us signed title 19 scripts for their patients. This portal provides each hospital and clinic a dash board which displays the status of each patient’s order item by item. This portal also allows hospitals to send scripts to us for their patients and dispense our breast pumps to them on the spot after labor.

For more information on how to get access to our online portal, please call us at 210-591-1818, or email us at [email protected].

 The Unimom Opera

We encourage hospitals to ask us about the hospital grade/multi-user breast pump we provide called the Unimom Opera.  This unique breast pump is the only  multi-user breast pump on the market which is portable and has a double motor.

This amazing pump can be a game changer for many hospitals!! For information on having Unimom Operas supplied in the L&D Dept. of your hospital and provided for your moms, please give Brian or Jessica a call at 210-591-1818. 



  • Hospital Grade/Multi-User

    – Longer operating hours with stronger suction.

    – Closed System with anti-backflow protection.

     Massage and Expression Modes
    Change easily between Massage and Expression modes.
    Opera will remember the last setting used in each mode!
     Twin Motor System
    Two twin motors allow full suction power without decreasing during double pumping. You can also set a different vacuum power on each side.
     Memory Function
    The smart memory function automatically remembers the settings you used last time.
     Night Light
    Three different illumination levels allow you to pump during day or night.
     LCD TouchPad Screen
    The special design of the screen allows you to see clearly at night, and easy to adjust level, cycle, and modes by a touch of the screen.
     4 Operating Modes
    Single Left, Single Right, Alternate, and Synchronous modes offer you to choose the most comfortable pumping condition which fits you!
     Backflow Protection technology
    Protects breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold, and viruses while pumping.


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